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Child Support

Hiring an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Charleston, SC

Can Ensure That Child Support is Handled Fair and Impartially

Child support is generally calculated using the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account a variety of factors including the gross monthly income of both parties, the cost of any work-related day care, any health insurance premium covering the minor child(ren), and any other child(ren) for whom a party is legally responsible.

Support may be increased or decreased in a situation where there has been a substantial change in circumstances: loss of employment, medical condition, injury or disability. It can only be modified from the action of filing forward and does not go back prior to the time of filing.

How long does Child Support last?

It generally continues until the child is 18 years of age and has finished high school, or until the end of the school year in which the child turns 19 years of age. In some exceptional situations, such as, if there is an agreement in place stating otherwise or if there is a child who is attending college or has a disability, support may not automatically terminate.

We pursue all courses of action to establish the appropriate amount under the guidelines. We also determine whether a deviation from the guidelines is appropriate and/or whether steps may be necessary to terminate a client’s obligation.

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